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As we continue to hear from our customers, our team curates CBD HWY's product line and experience to make sure we're giving you the best CBD experience possible. Have a comment or want to share an experience? Leave a review to let us know.

My Anxiety and stress have gone down tremendously. I am so happy I can use this instead of my prescription medication. 


Wow. I never thought i’d say this but cbd actually works! Thank you cbd hwy for introducing me to cbd cigarettes. I used to smoke everyday, but these have helped reduce my cravings for a cigarettes. 


I’ve been curious to try out CBD for my back pain, but wasn’t sure about it so I called CBDHWY. They explained how CBD works to reduce inflammation, so I tried out their pure gummies. They tasted great and I have to say I’ve felt a reduction in my pain ever since taking them daily.


I struggle from anxiety and depression and have used marijuana for years to help me cope. Unfortunately, it often gives me even more anxiety than without it. In the hopes of finding an alternative to antidepressants and weed, I turned to CBD HWY and ordered their cigarettes. Boy do those things work! Every time I smoke one, my anxiety goes way down and I find myself enjoying the moment and relaxing.


Bought a cbd vaporizer to help me fall asleep. Way better than melatonin because I don’t wake up groggy the next morning. Highly recommend. 


I’ve been taking CBD for a while now, but haven’t been able to find a site with such a comprehensive list of products until CBDHWY. I ordered their pre-rolls, oil, and tested out a vape and loved them all. Free shipping over $50 too! Great place to look for CBD.


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