CBD Hemp Flower

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    8 products

    What Is Hemp Flower?

    Hemp flower, also known as CBD flower or CBD bud, is the flower that grows on the female hemp plant. When the hemp flower reaches full bloom, the flower (or bud) excretes cannabinoids and resin to attract pollen from male plants, producing seeds. 

    Hemp flower is used to make the CBD products we know and love, such as joints, edibles, oils, and more. There is also evidence that consuming hemp flower straight from the plant can increase its overall effectiveness and enhance CBD’s beneficial aspects. 

    Hemp flower is different from cannabis flower because hemp plants consist of a much higher concentration of CBD, whereas marijuana plants have higher levels of THC—the psychoactive constituent of cannabis. The THC content of CBD is below 0.3%, so it won’t have any mind-altering effects.

    What Does CBD Hemp Flower Do?

    Smoking CBD is preferred by many users because of the rapid onset of effects. Benefits of CBD may include:

    • Helps maintain optimal health
    • Helps maintain physical and mental well-being
    • Helps maintain normal emotional balance and a sense of relaxation
    • May help relieve issues associated with normal daily exercise and activity
    • Supports skin health

    When it comes to describing what vaping CBD feels like, users characterize the feeling as a subtle relief from pressure and tension. Because CBD only contains a minuscule amount of THC, the intoxicating side effects that impact marijuana users aren’t prevalent among CBD users. CBD will not cause a mind-altering “high.”

    Is Smoking Hemp Flower Safe?

    There are no major risks associated with smoking hemp and the side effects are minor and short-term, if they arise at all.

    Unlike their tobacco counterpart, hemp flower doesn’t include highly addictive nicotine. Additionally, there is no evidence that smoking CBD causes lung cancer.

    However, there are general precautions to take when smoking, whether it be hemp, cannabis, or tobacco. Those with pre-existing conditions that may be affected by cigarettes or those taking medications that could conflict with CBD and related properties should speak to their doctor before trying CBD.

    Consult your physician if you are hesitant about smoking CBD.

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