Bud 1200mg CBD Hempcigs By Lifted - Single Pack - Menthol

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  • Each Hempcig contains 120mg
  • Each pack of 10 contain 1200mg total

Now you can have the perfect CBD cigarette without any fillers or blends, just pure organic American hemp! Each pack containing 10 CBD cigarettes has 120mg of CBD per Cig. Each Carton contains 10 boxes of Bum A Buds with 1,200mg of CBD per pack.

Grab a pack of original CBD Bum A Bud cigarettes and enjoy the Lifter strain with its spiced earthy notes mixed with hints of citrus or try the menthol version of the Lifter Strain in our Menthol packs! You can even order single packs! With great taste and pure CBD, don't be surprised when your friends want to bum a bud from your pack.

Each pack has a sleek and modern branding with foil accents and features a sturdy box with security tape and gold foil accent on the inside. Each CBD cigarette has a filter and features the classic cigarette look.

Every pack proudly supports American Hemp Farmers who grow organic hemp without any synthetic pesticides.


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My Anxiety and stress have gone down tremendously. I am so happy I can use this instead of my prescription medication. 


Wow. I never thought i’d say this but cbd actually works! Thank you cbd hwy for introducing me to cbd cigarettes. I used to smoke everyday, but these have helped reduce my cravings for a cigarettes. 


I’ve been curious to try out CBD for my back pain, but wasn’t sure about it so I called CBDHWY. They explained how CBD works to reduce inflammation, so I tried out their pure gummies. They tasted great and I have to say I’ve felt a reduction in my pain ever since taking them daily.


I’ve been taking CBD for a while now, but haven’t been able to find a site with such a comprehensive list of products until CBDHWY. I ordered their pre-rolls, oil, and tested out a vape and loved them all. Free shipping over $50 too! Great place to look for CBD.


Bought a cbd vaporizer to help me fall asleep. Way better than melatonin because I don’t wake up groggy the next morning. Highly recommend. 


These CBD Cigarettes are my favorite Brand. Extremely smooth and relaxing




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